The world needs healing. Our country needs healing.
Healing involves education, reconciliation and renewal.
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Leadership Restores is a cooperative that teaches people-centered organizations how to improve the actions and decisions that drive a strong inclusive and diverse organization. The cooperative is comprised of Black women-owned companies:

  • Courageous Conversations & Coaching, LLC

      www. thecourageousconversations.org


  • Page Turners, LLC


Simply put, we educate leaders and their team members about inclusion and diversity. We teach leaders how to reconcile with their stakeholders and themselves. We teach leaders how to renew their commitment to the organizations and team members.

Good leaders demonstrate leadership with their words and deeds. Good leadership can restore, repair, rebuild and reinvigorate an organization. Good leadership and restoration are needed now more than ever. Our focus is people-centered organizations, including:

  • Government agencies

  • Higher education institutions

  • K-12 organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Private-sector organizations

  • Religious organizations

We can help you.


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Cynthia Butler, MSOL, HCS

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Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR


Sabrina S. Richardson, M.S.

Meet Linnie. 

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When Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR, refers to ‘hitting it out of the ballpark,’ her clients, colleagues and students know that something very special is about to happen. Dr. Carter is a seasoned public relations executive, entrepreneur and educator with a renowned work ethic, where excellence is expected and nothing less is accepted. 

For more than 25 years, Dr. Carter has honed her stellar work ethic with roles in public relations, communications, fundraising and higher education. She is a founder of Leadership Restores and the president and CEO of Linnie Carter & Associates LLC, a consulting firm providing public relations, marketing, fundraising and executive services. In addition, Dr. Carter has extensive experience in higher education administration, currently serving as a community college administrator. 

Dr. Carter’s successful professional experience is matched by equally impressive academic credentials. She earned a doctorate in community college leadership from Old Dominion University, and she holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mass communications from VCU. She also earned the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation from the Universal
Accreditation Board.


Dr. Carter and her husband elevated their philanthropic efforts by establishing a nonprofit organization, Carter Scholars Inc., in February 2011. This organization provides financial assistance to students who live in the states where Dr. Carter and her husband have lived. She says, "A lack of money should never be a barrier for our students not having access to the academic tools that they need to be successful."

Meet Cynthia

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Trainer. Facilitator. Activist. Cynthia Butler brings over 35 years of federal, community and faith-based activism and training experience to her current role of entrepreneur, senior consultant, human capital strategist, lead trainer and facilitator.

Viable Agency Expertise. Ms. Butler’s expertise covers the expanse of federal leadership, employee development, strategic planning, job analysis, employee engagement, alternative dispute resolution and accountability. As former special assistant to the chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and senior staffer and director in four Cabinet-level federal agencies that include the Departments of the Navy, Justice, Homeland Security and Education, Ms. Butler conducts policy assessments, executive facilitation, professional coaching, and development for senior executives, managers and staff.

Commitment to Accountable Equity to Drive Courageous Conversations. Ms. Butler's skills are rooted in her consultative and executive coaching models work to guide corporate and faith-based leaders, managers and first-line supervisors. As a certified Crucial Conversations Master facilitator, Ms. Butler conducts nationwide conflict resolution sessions to forge greater understanding of the impacts of prejudice, unconscious bias, microaggression and conflict on minority and non-minority communities.

Community Supported by Theory. Ms. Butler’s masters’ degree in organizational leadership (MSOL) utilizes theoretical insights and data to inform practical dissection and exploration of incidents of discrimination using historical, educational and creative models. Data and theory work contribute to the overall understanding, behavioral awareness and empathy of persons and organizations that choose a more informed perspective. She works to emphasize the importance of expertise, talent and faith for the supportive success of the community.

Ally Education Services That Lead the Way. The C.O.R.E. Ally model, created by Ms. Butler, identifies and facilitates opportunity to mitigate and manage conflict, microaggression and racial bias. The interactive models are designed to help communities that are experiencing increased episodes of racism, xenophobia and intolerance by creating peer-to-peer methodical blueprints.

Ms. Butler’s life’s mission remains focused on the education, regeneration and improvement of lives.


Meet the women who make up Leadership Restores!

Meet Sabrina.  


After more than 21 years in education, Sabrina has continued to be a champion for children who are constantly counted out based on their socioeconomic status. Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Sabrina is determined to encourage children to reach their full academic potential and remind them that their zip code does not determine their place in this world.

Sabrina is a former English teacher and reading specialist who earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in reading and English, respectively, from Old Dominion University. When Sabrina was a middle school English teacher, her students maintained standardized assessment results in the 80th percentile. She was also named Teacher of the Year twice during her teaching career. She has instilled a love of reading in her two children and has worked to do the same in the lives of other children and adults.


As Sabrina continues the work to ensure students are valued and always placed in the forefront, she is always constantly reminding herself and fellow educators that “It’s not about our convenience. It’s about what’s best for kids.” 




Leadership Restores offers a variety of services.

What problems can we help you to solve?  


Accountability Coaching and Workshops

Do you need help holding your leadership team accountable for inclusion and diversity? 

These coaching sessions and workshops are designed for leaders of all backgrounds.


Be Bold! Coaching and Workshops

Do you need help learning how to be bolder and more vocal about social injustices?

These coaching sessions and workshops are designed for Black, indigenous and people of color.

Honestly Forward Coaching and Workshops

Do you need help initiating or participating in difficult conversations about race, inclusion, white privilege and/or diversity?

These coaching sessions and workshops are designed for White people.


Messaging and Speechwriting Coaching and Workshops

Do you need help writing and speaking about inclusion and diversity? 

These coaching sessions and workshops are designed for leaders of all backgrounds.


Wake Up! Coaching and Workshops

Do you need help learning about issues that adversely impact Black, indigenous and people of color?

These coaching sessions and workshops are designed for leaders of all backgrounds.


We can help you with these initiatives and more!

We have pricing for individuals and organizations:  

  • For professionals, those individuals who do not supervise others, our services start at $100 per hour. Activities include coaching sessions.


  • For executives, those individuals who supervise others, our services start at $250 per hour. Activities include coaching sessions.


  • For groups (more than one person), our services start at $1,000 per activity. Activities include workshops and retreats.

We have a referral program and will offer you a 10% discount off a service or product when you refer a client to us. The client must sign a contract and pay for their service or product in full before you will receive the discount.





1. What is a cooperative?

Our cooperative is a partnership between companies that provide services for a common cause. Our cooperative leverages the expertise, experiences, best practices and talents of different business leaders to make our country a better place for all of us.

2. Would I work with all three companies? How would you determine which company I would work with?

You would work with one or more companies depending upon the services you would like us to provide. We would help you to make this decision before a contract is signed.

3. What if I do not need all of the services you provide?

We offer a variety of services for a variety of organizations. Please consider the services to be a menu from which you can choose. We will talk with you to determine what you need and customize the services to suit your organization.

4. Do you accept clients throughout the country?

Yes, we accept and work with clients throughout the United States.


5. Are you available to travel?
We are not available to travel during the pandemic or other public health crises.

6.  Are you available for virtual projects?

 Yes, we are absolutely available for virtual projects.

7.  These are sensitive topics. Would my work with you remain confidential?

We will not discuss confidential matters with anyone who is not authorized by you. In addition, we will sign confidentiality statements reiterating this. Mutual respect and trust are essential in these types of partnerships.

8.  Do you have references I can check?

Yes, we have references and encourage you to contact them to learn more about our services and quality of work.


9.  If hired, how long would you be willing to work with us?

We will work with you as long as all parties believe the partnership is mutually beneficial.

10.  How does payment work?

We will require a deposit when the contract is signed. We will invoice you for the balance after the work is completed. The invoice will be generated by the companies that performed the work for you. You will be given 30 days to pay invoices.


11.  How can I reach you?

Please email us. We will respond quickly and will be happy to answer your questions. Also, we can schedule a follow-up telephone or virtual meeting.



Leadership Restores Participates in National Leadership Event

Harrisburg, Pa. (June 14, 2021) –

The Leadership Restores founders participated in a virtual West District Clergy and Laity leadership event, “Leading To What Is Possible,” on June 12, 2021.

The founders’ topic was “Effectively Leading Others During a New Normal”:

  • Linnie Carter focused on leading work teams.

  • Cynthia Butler focused on leading spiritual teams.

  • Sabrina Richardson focused on leading children.


For information about how the Leadership Restores founders can assist you, please visit www.leadershiprestores.net.

About Leadership Restores

Leadership Restores is a cooperative that teaches people-centered organizations how to improve the actions and decisions that drive a strong inclusive and diverse organization. The cooperative is comprised of Black women-owned companies:


Three Black Women-Owned Companies Create Inclusion and Diversity Cooperative

Feb. 14, 2021 - Three Black women-owned companies have created a cooperative to focus on inclusion and diversity.

Leadership Restores is a cooperative that teaches people-centered organizations how to improve the actions and decisions that drive a strong inclusive and diverse organization. The cooperative is comprised of these companies:

The Leadership Restores founders are thrilled to be working together to help our country to
improve in the areas of inclusion and diversity:

  • Cynthia Butler, MSOL, HCS, president and CEO of Courageous Conversations & Coaching, LLC, said, “As experts in our respective fields, we undertake this work with the added cultural insights and affinity to address individual and organizational challenges on the topics of education, race, faith and cultural communications. My focus on the public, private and faith communities brings accountability modeling that can shape ally engagement while coaching through courageous conversations that can make a difference.”

  • Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR, president and CEO of Linnie Carter & Associates, LLC, said, “I love, respect and trust these women and know we are fully and authentically committed to doing the work to help people from all walks of life to embrace inclusion and diversity. I look forward to helping higher education leaders to be more accountable, bolder and more honest about inclusion and diversity. I also welcome the opportunities to teach them how to communicate more effectively about inclusion and diversity.”

  • Sabrina S. Richardson, M.S., president and CEO of Page Turners, LLC, said, “It’s refreshing to join forces with women who are working towards one common goal. We are tapping into our personal and professional strengths in order to be the voice of change.”


For more information, please visit https://www.leadershiprestores.net/.


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